The Latest Jeff Gallant Band News


     It's official!!!! 
        The Jeff Gallant Band are absolutely over the moon to    
        officially announce that with immediate effect,
        Big Dave Watson is now a Full Time Member of the band!

        Dave has been helping to cover the bands work, on bass
        guitar, since George Ing had to leave the band in March
        2016 due to a sudden illness. ( George is now recovering 
        well, but has decided to retire from the band anyway.)
        Dave continued to work with Maddison County, over
        those months too and in that time he has really added an
        extra element to the Jeff Gallant Band, in sound,
        performance and personality and so he made the
        desicion to leave Maddison County and gave them notice
        earlier in the year, but he is very loyal and would not
        think of leaving them until they had found a suitable
        replacement. (A great trait to have!)
        They have now found another bass player, and we wish
        them well in the future, but it also means that We can
        now officially announce Big Dave is our permenant full
        time bass player from this point on and we are all very
        excited about the future of the band with Dave joining us
        and look forward to enjoying some superb times together
        and forming great friendships!

        We look forward to seeing you at a club or festival near
        you soon!!!
  • GEORGE ANNOUNCES HIS RETIREMENT!!                      
Unfortunately, George Ing, the Jeff Gallant Band's
long serving member, has decided that it is time
to retire from the band.
George has been part of the band in one way
or another from the foundation of the band in 2001.
Firstly when joining George played on the drums
and in later  years moved into his preferred role
 as Bass Guitarist.
 He has been a well liked and trusted member of the band and his musical knowledge has been a welcome asset to the band for many years, but after 15 years in the band George has made the decision to leave following a spell of illness although this may have finalised his decision, it wasn't the only factor.
George will be performing a final one off gig on Sunday 28th August 2016 at Lazy K, Haverhill, Suffolk if anyone would like to come and wish him well for the future!
In the meantime Dave Watson, also with Maddison County for the remainder of 2016, is going to fill in for George on all other booked dates and will become a full time member of the Jeff Gallant Band at the beginning of 2017.
George leaves the band as a friend and respected musician and will always be thought of fondly by the other band members who he has played alongside!
We've had many good times together,
All the best for the future George!!

         Dear All, 
        After almost 10 Years playing Fiddle and Keys and
        entertaining crowds all over the UK, with the Jeff Gallant
        Band and with many years of playing with the Phil Shannon
        Band prior to that, Titch Reeder has sadly decided to retire at
        the end of this year 2015.
        I know Titch will be missed greatly on the Country Music
        scene, by us, the Jeff Gallant Band and everyone who has
        met him, through the years, on the circuit. He has always
        brought fun and entertainment to the shows along with his
        fiddle and keyboard playing and we are thoroughly proud and
        privileged to have shared the stage with him and to call him a
        friend off stage too!
        Titch may be small, but they are big shoes to fill, possibly
        irreplaceable, so for 2016 the Jeff Gallant Band will continue
        as a 4 piece band consisting of the remaining members Jeff,
        Ray, George and Dick.
        We wish him all the best in his retirement from the band and
        we hope he will continue to play music as a hobby, at the very
        least, and maybe we will see him as a guest on the stage
        again, with us or another band out there in the future!?
        Titch, it has been a pleasure and we are sad to see you go,
        but pleased you are leaving in good health and we respect
        the reasons for your desicion.
        Make sure you get along to one of Titch's final
        performances with the band this year (Check out the JGB gig
        guide on this website) and join us in wishing him well for a
        happy and healthy future!
        Thanks for the hard work and great laughs... On the fiddle...
        Always on the fiddle... Mr. Titch Reeder!

        Unfortunately more bad news with another cancellation, this time our
        August date at Lyng CMC has been cancelled by the organsier,
        because the CMC has closed due to lack of public support for the
        previous dances!

        It's such a shame when a club closes as the organisers work so hard
        to put on a good night, but unfortunately when the venue is not
        supported, for what ever reason, the organisers have no choice but to
        close the doors!

        Unfortunately Due to a change of organiser at the Badger Creek
        CMC, Our upcoming date on Saturday 10th October 2015 has been
        cancelled by the club. We enjoyed playing the club on ourlast visit and
        hope to return to entertain you next year, if the new organiser is
        If You want to win a copy of the New JGB CD, here's your chance!!
        Simply send your name and postal address in a sealed envelope to:

        NR29 5AJ.

        The winner will be randomly selected from all the envelopes received 
        on Saturday 1st August 2015 by the Jeff Gallant Band!
        (All entries must be received by noon on Saturday 1st August 2015 to
        be valid for entry)
        The CD will be signed and sent out on Monday 3rd August 2015.

        GOOD LUCK!
        The New Jeff Gallant Band CD was released on 1st July 2015 at The
        Royal Norfolk Show, to coincide with the Jeff Gallant Band performing
        on BBC Radio Norfolk's Stand, alongside Nashville Numbers.
        The CD is available to purchase at all Solo, Duo and Band gigs at 10
        each and also via mail order For 11 each (extra 1for Postage &
        Packaging), To find out details of the CD and prices go to our website
        page 'Merchandise'.
        We are very proud of this CD and extra special thanks go to Ray   
        Phillips for his superb guidance, experience and hard work he has put
        into this production!
        We hope you all like it as much as we do!!

        The New Jeff Gallant Band CD is Progressing very well, with another
        recording session booked for Mid March.
        We will keep you updated with the progress!!
        Jeff Gallant and Ray Phillips have announced that they will be offering    
        thier services as a Country Music Duo, as well as Jeff's Solo shows and
        the very successful Jeff Gallant Band!
        Jeff can now meet most clubs needs and budgets by having the three
        shows working alongside one another and can now offer A Solo act, the
        Duo and a Full Country Music Band.
        All acts are available to book for 2015 and 2016!
        For more information and to book the Solo, Duo or Band call

        It is with great pleasure and real excitement that we can confirm that   
        as of 1st January 2015 we will finally fill the Pedal Steel & guitarist
        spot with a full time member!!
        We are over the moon to welcome the fabulous RAY PHILLIPS to the
        band as a full time member, from that date and we can only see him
        as a major asset to our band and are looking forward to a busy and
        bright future!
        Ray has tons of stage experience (you may recognise him from First 
        Chapter, along with others) and he is a versatile pedal steel guitarist,
        as well as an amazing lead guitaurist and a superb vocalist to boot,
        with both harmony and lead vocals!
        Ray has been helping us out with deps and will continue to do so,
        when he is free, until the end of this year, but he dicided that it was
        time for a change and he will leave First Chapter after their New Years
        Eve booking Dec 31st 2014.
        He will then become a very valuable part of the Jeff Gallant Band!!
        We wish all the remaining lads from First Chapter every success & 
        best wishes for the future and hope to see them around the circuit in
        the future!
        Also a massive thank you to all the other Steelie's and guitarists who
        have helped us out with dep gigs, and the remaining ones until the
        end of the year, It has been a pleasure to share the stage with you all,
        and I cannot thank you enough that you came into the band to help us
        out, took time to learn our material for a one off gig and worked hard 
        for us!!
        Thanks and hope to catch up with you all again soon!
        So 2015 already looks bright and we look forward to playing
        somewhere near you, with our new line up, including Ray Phillips, 
        very soon!!!

        The Jeff Gallant Band have entered the recording studio to record
        another album of country originals and covers
        The new cd is only in it's early stages so far so there's still a little while
        to wait, but we will keep you posted!
        The CD will feature Jeff (Vocals & Rhythm Guitar), George (Bass
        Guitar), Titch (Fiddle & Keyboards) & Dick (Drums, Percussion &
        Also we have been lucky enough to get the fabulous Mr. Ray Phillips
        to play the Steel & Lead guitar on the album!!
        The band are very excited to be recording again and can't wait to
        finish and have the disc available for sale!!
        To coincide with Jeff being available for SOLO BOOKINGS as well     
        as  with his band, Jeff has realeased 2 new Solo Cd's.

        They are available at all Jeff's solo and band gigs (while stocks last)
        Both CD's feature a good mix of Country music some that he plays
        with the band as well as solo and some exclusively for his solo show

        "People Are Crazy" features the songs:
         People Are Crazy, Excuse Me, Margaritaville, Designated Drinker,
         He Stopped Loving Her Today, Knee Deep, Pretty Good At Drinking
         Beer, Galway Girl, Remember When, I Like Girls That Drink Beer
        & Better As A Memory.

        "5 o Clock Somewhere" features the songs:
        It's 5 o' Clock Somewhere, Wagon Wheel, New San Antonio Rose,
        Disappearing Tailights, I Couldn't Leave You If I Tried, Streets Of
        Bakersfield, Just Call Me Lonesome, City Of New Orleans,
        Highway 40 Blues, Mama Tried & I Love This Bar.

Both CD's are available from all gigs or by mail order from this website!
        Unfortunately, we have to announce that Jeff and his Promotion          
        company KaBaCo Promotions, will no longer be working alongside
        Pontins of Pakefield with Country Music Weekend breaks.
        The Weekends have been running for over 25 years in the same
        venue, but Pontins withdrew the venue from the weekends earlier this
        year, despite all the acts already being booked and a string of
        advertising in place to promote the event!
        KaBaCo Promotions were offered a smaller venue on the site as an
        alternative, but for many reasons it was deemed unsuitable to host the
        event and continue with the quality that has become to be expected
        from these weekends, so therefore KaBaCo Promotions had no
        choice but to agree to cancel the events and will no longer be
        interested in working with Pontins in the future!
        All monies were returned to the customers and all acts were informed
        of the situation once it was decided an alternative suitable venue 
        could not be found.
        KaBaCo Promotions would like to thank all of the acts who have
        entertained at the weekends through the years and a huge thanks to
        all the guests that have supported the event!!
        Thanks to Brian Mann for his compere and stage management skills 
        We have even more great news!!
        Both Jeff Gallant Band merchandise and KaBaCo Promotions
        events can now be purchased via card payments, as well as online     
        with our new payment options
with KaBaCo Promotions and
        Using the payatrader system, your payments are safe and secure and
        the system is very easy to use.
        We also have full online payment guides on the web page to help you
        with your purchases.
        Or if you would prefer us to put your payment through over the phone
        the just simply cal (01493) 748704 and we will process your payment
        via our virtual terminal.

        Obviously we still accept cheques and postal orders,
        Made to payable to 'J. GALLANT' as an alternative.
        Happy shopping!!

        We have great news!!
        Both Jeff Gallant Band merchandise and KaBaCo Promotions
        events can now be purchased with online card payments with our new
        online payment option
with KaBaCo Promotions and paypal!!
        Using the paypal system, your payments are safe and secure and the
        system is very easy to use.
        Simply select the items or events you want to purchase by adding
        them to "your cart", just click "continue shopping" if you want to add
        more, when you have all the items you require go to "checkout" to
        complete the transaction with your card payment.
        Happy shopping!! 


  • WELCOME TO 2013   
        We have begun our 2013  calendar with a great start playing a great   
        club at Pentney Cmc, Norfolk. A great night and some new sets to 
        start a new year, that went down well!
        A busy year ahead, and we are now booking for late 2013 and into
        2014 as well!
       Our search for a permanant steel/ guitarist continues, but we are more 
       than covered with the likes of Ray Phillips, Ray Kedge, Tony Browne,
       Mark Dunn and more on the list of available dep players who are
       fulfilling our dates with us!
       It is great to have such good quality players offering to play with us
       and it is wonderful that we can confidently offer a top quality
       performance to
everyone by using these great pickers!
So things are going well for the band and 2013 sees the debut of Jeff
       Gallant as a solo artiste too, offering a quality solo performance to the
       clubs that
can't afford or fit in the full band!
       Please don't be alarmed though The Jeff Gallant BAND remains Jeff's
       priority and plans to only offer himself as a solo act to venues that can't
       take the full band.
       Jeff would like agent's and promoters to help with this descision, by
       booking the band as much as possible over his solo act to keep
       country music as LIVE as possible for as long as possible!!

        We are still on the search for a full time replacement Steel or Lead     
        guitarist, which we feel is right for the band, and are holding auditions
        with interested parties in the next few weeks.

       Anyone else who may be interested are welcome to contact us and
       In the meantime we continue to use great quality deps in Mark Dunn, 
       David Hartley and Tony Browne along with some new dep players,
       including the fabulous Ray Philips, to assure that no one will be let down
       and all bookings in the near and distant future will be fullfilled at a very
       high standard.
        Well here we are almost halfway through the year... where has it gone?    
        We've had a very busy year so far and we've been having great fun
        entertaining all you wonderful country music folks!!
        As we approach the summer we have a few changes to let you know

        Firstly, please notice that you can now 'like' us on Facebook and add us
        as your friend, just search for 'Jeff Gallant' or 'Jeff Gallant Band'
        You can also follow us on twitter!! (goto the 'links' page)

        Next is the addition of the KaBaCo Promotions pages to our website
        here at for more info just click on the menu link.

        And finally in this news update we have to notify you of a change in
        personnel to the Jeff Gallant Band...
        After 11 years with the band Jay Dee Read our pedal steel guitarist /
        lead guitarist has decided to call time on his position with the band.
        We wish him well for the future, but also grasp the opportunity to 
        strengthen the band further by finding a new member to permanently
        replace his position and if any good quality Steel Players and/or    
        Guitarists would like the opportunity to audition for the position then
        please contact Jeff via the 'Contact Us' page of this website.
        While we find a permanent replacement we are lucky enough to be using
        3 top class dep players in Mark Dunn (Nashville Numbers), Tony Browne
        (Barhoppers) and David Hartley (Amarillo Country).
        It is a pleasure to work with a 3 of these superb musicians and who
        knows maybe one of these guys will be our full-time replacement?!
        Watch this space!!

        So, in the meantime, please ignore any rumours, the Jeff Gallant Band
        are definitely NOT finishing and we are, in fact, looking to increase our
        Please, don't listen to any rumours, check this website or our official
        facebook page for any real news!!
        Any bookings already booked will be fulfilled and we are currently now
        taking bookings for 2013 and 2014!!!

        So in short, it's an exciting time to be in or to be a friend of the Jeff
        Gallant Band at he moment and we are looking forward to the future,
        we hope you are!

        Hi, Welcome to a brand new year with the Jeff Gallant Band. We are
        looking forward to another very busy year and we hope to increase our
        workload for the future, now that Jeff has gone into music as a full time
        Alongside the band, Jeff will be involved in other musical ventures and
        has now launched his own promotion company, 'KaBaCo Promotions',
        with his first major promotion, a weekend festival, at Pontins of Pakefield
        in March 2012.
        But don't fear, the Jeff Gallant Band remains very high on Jeff's agenda
        and he hopes to be busier than ever with the band in the years ahead.
        So Jeff and the band thank you for all the support and wish you all the
        best for a wonderful 2012.
        Hi All, apologies for the site not being updated until today, it was
        scheduled to be updated at the end of December, but due to illness and
        then being away in France over the new year I'm slightly behind, but it's all
        done now, so check out the gig guide and check out when we are in your
        area in 2012, and if we are not in your area, talk to your local club
        promoter because our booking diary is open for 2012 and 2013.
        We had a nice end to the year with a few Christmas themed country
        parties and can't wait to get back to doing what we love to do after the
        festive break.
        Many thanks and Happy New Year!!
        Hi All, we would like to offer our greatest apologies for having to cancel 
        our recent gig with you, at the H - BAR- C, due to the van breaking down
        while we were on our way to the show.
        It is the first time in 10 years that I have had to cancel due to a breakdown
        and we appreciate your understanding over this unexpected, yet
        unavoidable circumstance.
        Many thanks to Roland and the crowd at the H -BAR- C, we always enjoy
        playing your club and look forward to seeing you in the New Year.
       Also a special mention to Ian Highland and Twighlight Country for
       standing in to cover us at the last minute, Thanks.
       Best wishes to all.
  • 31st October 2011   NEW YEARS EVE 2012
        Hi All, the Jeff Gallant Band are now available for New Years Eve
        bookings for both December 2012 and 2013 if any clubs or organisers
        are interested!!??
        The club we were booked for in 2012 have decided not to run future New
        Years Eve nights, due to lack of support, and so that date and the
        following years date is now open and available again.
        Anyone interested please contact via this website, email or contact
        details on the "bookings" page of this website.
        Many Thanks.
  • 6th September 2011   CHARITY GIG TICKETS ON SALE
        Hi All, the Jeff Gallant Band are playing 2 charity gigs in October. Both
       are for worthy charities and we hope you will support both events.
       Details below... Many Thanks.

        Tickets for our 'Women v's Cancer' Charity gig
that is being  
        held at The Bell Public House, Hemsby, Norfolk on Saturday 8th
at 7.30pm are now on sale. The Ticket price is 7.50 each,
        which is superb value, including a buffet and an evening with the Jeff
        Gallant Band and proceeds going to a very worthwhile charity!!
        Tickets are limited due to space, so don't miss out!! To book your tickets
        or for more info call Kev or Julie on (01493) 730291 or Maureen
        Powles on (01493) 732493
or Visit The Bell Pub, Hemsby and collect
        them direct from the venue.

       Also Tickets for our regular 'Happy Rollers' Fundraiser are also
       available, being held on Saturday 22nd October, 8pm start.
       This is a lovely concert style village hall gig, with a finger buffet and tea 
       and coffee included. If you want anything else you are welcome to bring
       your own!!
       All welcome, but again tickets are limited due to the size of the venue. 
       Proceeds go to the Rollesby 'Happy Rollers' over 60's group, a worthy
       local charity group.
      Book your tickets now!! Tickets are priced at just 5 each and are
      available now from Keith on (01493) 748436

  • 8th July 2011            UPDATE
        Hello everyone, it's ages since I've had the chance to update the 
        website for you all... my apologies for that, but you've been keeping us so
        busy I haven't had the time!!
        Check out the 'Gigs' page for a full updated gig list with lots of NEW gigs
        We've had a great year so far playing clubs, meeting friends, both old
        and new, and visiting the festivals over the summer too.
        Thanks to everyone who keeps supporting the band at the live gigs and
        it's been wonderful meeting so many of you over the past few months.
        To keep fully up to date with all that's going on keep logging on to this
        website and you can also add us and follow us on Facebook.
        (search 'Jeff Gallant')
        We hope to see you at a club or festival near you soon.
        Best Wishes from Jeff Gallant Band.

  • 8th January 2011            HAPPY NEW YEAR
        Best Wishes For A Happy 2011 to you all.
        Thanks to all who helped us welcome the New Year in with a superb gig
        at Wayland CMA, Watton, Norfolk.
        We hope to see you at a club or festival near you soon.
        Best Wishes from Jeff Gallant Band.
  • 24th December 2010            MERRY CHRISTMAS
        Thanks to everybody who has supported the Jeff Gallant band over the
        past year, from family and friends, promoters, radio presenters, media
        writers, magazines, other musicians and bands and of course the
        audiences who come to the shows and enjoy what we do!!!
        Thanks so much... see you all again in 2011!!
        Merry Christmas to you all and best wishes for a very happy new year.
  • 18th December 2010            CD COMPETITION WINNER
         Well Done Ramblin' Dave from Sutton, near Norwich for Winning the
         CD competition. Hope you enjoy the CD.
         Many thanks for all who entered.

  • 1st December 2010            CD COMPETITION
         GO TO 'CD COMPETITION' (in the main menu)

         GOOD LUCK!!!!!!
  • 1st December 2010            NEW CD COMPLETE
         The New Jeff Gallant Band CD has finally arrived!!!
         'Sing Me Back Home' the band's 3rd release with KaBaCo Records is
         now on Sale (From 1st December 2010).
         Get your copy at the live gigs or by mail order on this website.
         Check out the NEW 'JGB Merchandise' link on the menu to allow you to
         mail order Jeff Gallant Band merchandise.
         Many thanks and we hope you enjoy the new CD.
  • 21st November 2010 Jeff Gallant Band New CD Update.
         The Jeff Gallant Band's 3rd CD is finally completed!!
         Jeff and the boys are happy to announce that 'Sing Me Back Home',
         their new 10 track album, will be available for sale from 1st of December
         A competition to win a free copy will be running on this website very
         shortly, so please keep checking the website for more information and
         your chance to win.
  • 16th July 2010 Jeff Gallant Band New CD Update.
The Jeff Gallant Band's new CD is taking a little longer than first anticipated, but is coming along well now.
The boys are hoping to put finishing touches to the CD and complete the last of the recordings in the next month and then after it is produced, and all the relevant paperwork is completed, the Disc will be on sale.

It is estimated to be a September/ October release date.
The CD will be available at all the bands' live shows and via mail order through this website.
Please keep checking back here at 'Latest News' to keep updated!!
  • 15th May 2010 Happy Birthday Ghostriders.
A good night was had by all last Thursday (13th May) at the Ghostriders (Norwich) 29th Birthday party.
A special mention to Frank Howe who celebrated his 65th Birthday alongside the Ghostriders and joined us on stage to sing a couple of numbers, one was self penned, and he did very well.
Also special thanks to Hayley Moyses for standing in with us for the evening to cover Titch who is a little under the weather, but on the mend.
We all wish you a speedy recovery!
Well done Hayley and Happy Birthday Ghostriders.

  • 24th February 2010 Jeff Gallant Band Record a New CD.
The Jeff Gallant Band have made a start on the recording of their new CD.
The recording process began today and the CD, their 3rd album to date, should be available for release through KaBaCo Records in late spring / early summer this year!
The CD will be available at all the bands' live shows and via mail order through this website.
Please keep checking back here at 'Latest News' to keep updated!!

  • 31st December 2009 Award for Jeff Gallant Band.
The Jeff Gallant Band were over the moon to be told that they had won the Band of the Year Award for 2009 at the Acorn CMC, Hemsby, Norfolk. 
The Award is voted for by the Acorn Club members and is due to be presented to the Jeff Gallant Band on Sunday 28th February 2010 at the Hemsby venue where the weekly club is ran.
The entertainment on that night will be provided by another top local band, Nashville Numbers.
The Jeff Gallant Band wish to thank the club organisers for booking them and everyone who voted for them and look forward to seeing everybody at the Acorn on the 28th February and also when they return to play the Acorn Club in October 2010.
  • 19th December 2009 Cancelled Gig for Jeff Gallant Band.
Unfortunately, due to the bad weather conditions, the Jeff Gallant Band gig at Wayland CMA, Watton had to be cancelled this morning.                  
The band were contacted by the organiser and mutually agreed it was in the interest of safety that the event would be have to be called off.
Unfortunately no one can control the weather and as the snow continued to fall through the day the organisers decided to confirm the cancellation. 
The band would like to offer apologies to everyone and were disapointed that they couldn't play at the Wayland CMA Christmas Party.
  • 18th December 2009 Jeff Gallant Band Website Launch.
Today the Jeff Gallant Band have ventured onto the "information super highway" by launching their first self run, fully official website.