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21 February 2018
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Dear All,

We're having another fantastic year for the Jeff Gallant Band & Jeff's Solo and Duo work, and we are excited about what lies ahead, as well as it being bitter sweet with the retirement of two well liked members of the band, but the addition of a new superb full time member!

We are travelling all over the UK again this year and we are pleased to say that we have expanded into a few new venues as well, all of which we look forward to playing and look forward to returning in the future.

Jeff Gallant's Solo show is getting more and more popular with the smaller venues and the Jeff Gallant Duo, featuring Ray Phillips, is also becoming a well liked act too.. Jeff is thoroughly enjoying being able to play his style of Country Music to many more places, that can't afford or fit in the full band.

Each act has slightly different material, but all of the acts remain country... playing both Traditional and Modern songs.

Jeff's heart is still committed to the Jeff Gallant Band though, and as much as he is enjoying his solo and duo success, he has no plans on 'closing down' the band. In fact, the Band has been propelled to a whole new level with the addition of Ray Phillips, who made the decision to leave his own band, First Chapter, at the end of December 2014, to become a permanent full time member of the Jeff Gallant Band  from the 1st January 2015, playing Pedal Steel Guitar, Electric Lead Guitar and adding both some Lead Vocals and Backing Vocals, as well as a huge amount of technical skills and stage experience. Also with the addition of a superb and extremely talented Bass player, Big Dave Watson, who Officially became a Full time member of the band in September 2016! 

Big Dave offers superb solid bass expertise along with a fantastic stage presence and is great fun both on and off stage. He is a massive asset to the band and helps to deliver a great musical performance as well as bringing the stage to life and providing a professional, but fun show!

Both Jeff, as a solo artiste, the Duo and the Jeff Gallant Band would like to say:

"Thank you to our Families, for letting us do what we love to do, all the Promoters and Organisers of the Clubs and Festivals for giving us a place to play and share our music, thanks to all the other acts and musicians, that we have shared the stages with, also a special thank you to our shirt sponsors, Frontier Gear from Hemsby, if you need any western wear give them a call on (01493) 730655.Last but definitely not least, an huge thanks you for YOU, the audience, for your continued support, because after all, without you we'd just be a bunch of guys playing to an empty hall!!"


Best Wishes from Jeff & The Jeff Gallant Band.



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Jeff & The Band.

Last Updated  30th September 2016